Wednesday, February 25, 2009

The Devil Can Wait up for a vote

My last big case, THE DEVIL CAN WAIT, is going to be reviewed again and Stephens asked me to put out a BOLO for votes. We're grateful to the kind-hearted citizens out there who gave our efforts a thumbs up last fall. It won November 2008 cover of the month. Word came this week that it's now waiting for the big vote for 2008 Book Cover of the Year!

I'd appreciate it if you'd take a minute to voice your opinion/vote. I promise your name will be entered in a drawing for the winning title.

The process is easy. You'll find the instructions here: Just scroll down until you see the cover and vote, okay?

So ... can I count on your help? Thanks ... I knew could. You have until April 15.
Catch you later,


  1. You've got my vote, Sam. I love this cover!

  2. Hey thanks, Vaughn. How's Jenner these days?